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For who?
For them!
family putting up thumbs to thank for the food bag they received
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Deliver help and hope to Colombian people. You can fund transparent and efficient humanitarian aid in the form of food packages. Through a system of community leaders, local foundations, wholesalers, private businessess and government forces we are able to turn donations into efficient food-aid without overhead nor admin costs.
97.6% of public donations received will be invested into direct food-relief.

Why donate?

Together we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of Colombians.
Resilient people who even though they live with almost nothing are able to see the beauty of life.

The mayority of them work informally on the streets of Medellín, recycling or selling goods. They try their hardest to provide for their families.

A food package provides the financial relief in their week that they use to buy medicines, pay rent or lower debts.

When the pandemic hit, so did initiatives to help. Low transparency of donation spendage and low efficiency amongst charities cause a worldwide resistance against donating.

You deserve to keep sight of your donation and the impact that it creates, which is why we make our spendage documentation visible to everyone.

You also deserve an efficient handling of your donation, which is why we are fully volunteer-run and have agreements with wholesalers to bring admin and logistics costs to zero.

Transparency & Efficiency

is important for
us and for you

Donation Cycle

0.0% logistic costs | 0.0% admin costs | 2.4% bank fees | 97.6% food aid

donation cycle

Deliver help and hope to Colombian people by donating to our cause and being part of a humanitarian impact in Colombia.

What the Colombian people

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