people waiting in line in the street to get food bag NFT For Humanity


Carlos Mauricio x Empower the Barrios.

Aid, like art, is something universal, it does not know borders and has the ability to be recognized anywhere in the world.

Mauricio Carrasco ::) Colombian designer and artist, passionate about letters and the world of illustration applied in small and large formats. He seeks that his interventions are distinctive and a recognition beyond the visual. He wants empathy to be the main characteristic when seeing and creating his works.

Real human moments photographed and decorated by a renowned Colombian Artist in a way that reflects the personality of the person on the picture.

An artsy reflection of a personality based on an interview with the person photographed, drawn on their picture.

NFT for Humanity is a win-win-win cycle through which Empower the Barrios uses local art to convert it into NFTs.



All proceeds of NFTs sold by Empower the Barrios will go to the local artist and to humanitarian aid for their area, following the same core values of transparency and efficiency as always.

Owning a NFT fills thousands of stomachs.

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and fund efficient and transparant aid

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