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Social Media Assistant Role

Who we are

Kind Footprint is a U.S. based nonprofit with a grassroots Humanitarian aid project in Colombia called Empower the Barrios. With our project ‘Empower the Barrios’ we are seeking to reach families with limited resources in neighborhoods of strata 1 and 2 of Medellin and the metropolitan area. With more than 250,000 meals delivered with a transparency of 100% and an effectiveness of 97.6%, we are improving people’s quality of life without administrative expenses.

Social Media Assistant Role

We are looking for a Social Media Assistant to volunteer to join our social media team. We are looking for proactive, dynamic and team people with great organizational skills, used to handling multiple tasks, with a marked attention to detail and above all things that want to help improve people’s quality of life through Empower the Barrios.


The social media assistant will be responsible for creating social media content and managing our various social media platforms. 

Main activities but not limited to:

  • Posting content to our various social media platforms multiple times per week.
  • Reviewing engagement metrics and providing report-out each week
  • Creating captions and editing photo/video content for our social media platforms.

Job Type: Remote

Time commitment: 4 hours per week

Number of positions to be filled: 1

Start Date: ASAP

Contact: Kirill Storch, Director | [email protected]